Mycotoxin Testing from Mold Exposure – MycoTOX Profile

Have you ever wondered if mold is the root cause of your health issues? Well, I was curious too, so I wanted to test out one of the most popular home testing kits for mold: the MycoTOX Profile test. This test evaluates the number of mycotoxins present in your body. So, is mycotoxin testing from mold exposure legit? Is the MycoTOX Profile test worth the cost? Do mold testing kits actually work?

Keep reading to learn more! Let’s dive in.

MycoTOX Testing

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  • The MycoTOX test evaluates for an array of mycotoxins that are commonly associated with mold contamination
  • You can purchase a mold test kit here.

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Understanding Mycotoxins and Mold Exposure

So… what’s the deal with mycotoxins? What are they really? Well, mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by different species of indoor or outdoor mold. When molds grow in damp environments, they release mycotoxins into the air, that can then be inhaled or ingested.

Exposure to mycotoxins can happen from contaminated food, water-damaged buildings, or from airborne particles. They can cause mild allergic reactions, or for those who are very sensitive, they can lead to severe neurological issues and contribute to cancer. This all depends on the concentration of mycotoxins present and the specific type exposed to.

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The Importance of Mycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxin testing plays a very important role in assessing the presence and amount of mold present in your body. It provides valuable insights into the extent of mold contamination and the potential health risks associated with exposure.

This testing can help identify hidden mold problems in indoor spaces, like at home, at school, and work. It’s a great tool to diagnose mycotoxin-related illnesses and determine the best treatment plan. With mycotoxin testing, you can be proactive in safeguarding your health against mold exposure!

What is the MycoTOX Test?

This is a specific test owned by Mosaic Diagnostics (formerly known as Great Plains Laboratories) that helps to measure the levels of mycotoxins in the body. It tests for a diverse array of mycotoxins that are commonly associated with mold contamination. It’s typically ordered through a naturopathic doctor and it’s not covered by insurance.

In the package, you’ll get a collection kit, test requisition form, and mailing materials (with an ice pack).

Who Should Get Tested For Mycotoxins?

You should consider getting a mycotoxin test done if you have:

  • Unexplained chronic illness
  • Compromised immune system
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Respiratory issues
  • Chronic migraines and headaches
  • Neurological disorders
  • Skin rashes
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Brain fog
  • Shortness of breath
  • Regular coughing
  • Cancer
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Kidney toxicity
  • Lack of coordination
  • Wheezing
  • Memory issues
  • Slurred speech
  • Asthma
  • Chronic sinus issues


If you live in moldy environments, work in offices with poor ventilation, or own a home that has water damage, you should strongly consider mycotoxin testing.

Mycotoxin exposure can be multifactorial. It’s a hidden contributor to many health issues.

How MycoTOX Profile Works

The test screens for 11 different mycotoxins from 40 species of mold. Luckily, this test can be done from the comfort of your own home!

The steps involved in conducting a mycotoxin test typically include:

  1. Sample Collection: The MycoTOX Profile test is a urine test. A urine sample is collected from the person who is suspected to have had mold exposure. Make sure to follow all instructions provided.
  2. Sample Shipment: The urine sample is shipped back with the provided mailing materials, ice pack, and requisition forms.
  3. Sample Preparation: The collected samples undergo meticulous preparation procedures to extract and concentrate any mycotoxins present. This step often involves centrifugation, filtration, and other extraction techniques to isolate the target compounds from the sample matrix.
  4. Lab Analysis: High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in the lab.
  5. Data Interpretation: The data obtained from the instrumental analysis are processed and interpreted to determine the concentration of each mycotoxin detected in the sample.
  6. Reporting and Analysis: The final results of the mycotoxin test are compiled into a comprehensive report, detailing the types and levels of mycotoxins found in the sample.
  7. Follow-up and Consultation: Depending on the findings of the mycotoxin test, follow-up consultations with your doctor and mold remediation companies are recommended. You can then discuss remediation strategies and ways to limit future exposure.

Throughout each step of the mycotoxin testing process, adherence to rigorous quality control standards and procedures is essential to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the results obtained.

What Species of Mold Are Tested?

The MycoTOX Profile tests for 41 species of mold, such as: [1]

Acremonium sp.AureobasidiumF. graminearumPhoma sp.
AlternariaChaetomiumF. incarnatumRhodotorula
A. flavipesCladosporiumF. moniliformeScopulariopsis
Aspergillus flavusCunninghamellaF. solaniStachybotrys
A. fumigatusCylindrocarponF. verticillioidesS. chartarum
A. nigerDendrodochiumMyrothecium roridumTrichoderma viride
A. ochraceusExophialaM. verrucariaUlocaldium
A. parasiticusFusarium avenaceumPenicillium carbonariusVerticillium
A. sydowiiF. cerealisP. nordicum 
A. versicolorF. clumonrumP. stoloniferum 
A. viridictumF. equisetiP. verrucosum 

Before ordering, be sure to check the most updated Mosaic Diagnostics website to see if any have been added to this list.

Important Tips when Taking the MicoTOX Test

  •  Make sure your name is written legibly on all collection containers and forms
  • Tighten your sample! You don’t want it to leak during shipment.
  • Take the test first thing in the morning right after waking up.
    • Ideally, you need to be asleep for 6 hours before taking the sample. If you’re awake at night, stay in bed as long as possible because once you stand up you need to take the sample.
  • Collect the urine mid-stream
  • You don’t want the urine to be too clear – it should be yellow, otherwise it’s too diluted.
  • Freeze the sample after collection for at least 4 hours
    • It can be kept frozen for up to a week before sending, but best to get it in the mail as soon as possible in case of shipment delays
  • Stop all supplements at least two days before the test (make sure you talk to your doctor first; don’t stop anything essential)
    • You especially want to avoid taking any binders (like charcoal or bentonite clay) at least 72 hours before the test
  • Don’t take the test if you have your period
  • Fasting can help to increase the excretion of mycotoxins from adipose tissue, so if you’re able to, try fasting for 12 hours (talk to your doctor first).
  • Schedule the FedEx pickup (don’t put it in a FedEx drop box)

Interpreting MycoTOX Profile Results

The mycotoxin test report is easy to read! Here is an example from when I took the test (as you can see, the result numbers are clear):

MycoTOX Testing 1
MycoTOX Testing 2
MycoTOX Testing 3

Note: the test report has slightly changed now that Great Plains is owned by Mosaic Diagnostics. The report contains additional imagery about how mycotoxins impact health, plus an overview of the MycoTOX Profile test. 

The reports also now include interpretations pages, which explain the source, mechanism of action, health impact, and clinical insight of different mold types. Lastly, they include a list of sources of mycotoxins by genus/species so you can learn more about potential exposures. You can see a sample of the updated report here.

How Do You Order the MycoTOX Test?

If you would like to order the Mosaic Diagnostics mycotoxins test, it’s best to work with a qualified naturopathic doctor. When I got the test done, I was able to pick up my mold test kit directly from my doctor. Make sure to ask if they’re able to order this specific type of test (or if they can order one that’s similar). Keep in mind, this isn’t covered by insurance.

Some practitioners offer this test online, like Dr. Jaban Moore (who is a chiropractic doctor). 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any FDA-approved laboratory tests for mycotoxins. There are a lot of different tests you can purchase online, like MycoTOX or Realtime Labs, but results vary. [2] This test is one of the more sensitive and accurate ones that I’ve seen available.

Want to learn more about other at-home tests? Check out this article: Is A GI-MAP Test Worth It? Gut Test Explained.

If you’re looking for mycotoxin-free coffee (which is a common source of mold exposure), check out Purity Coffee [Code INONAROUND10 saves you 10%].

Final Thoughts: Empowering Health through Mycotoxin Testing

While this test wasn’t cheap, I found it to be informative. I can’t speak on other mycotoxin tests, but the MycoTOX Profile test was worth the money – for both clarity AND peace of mind.  

If you have clear signs of toxic mold in your home (especially if it has water damage), it’s best to work with a naturopathic doctor and qualified mold remediator to fix the issue at the source. If you have signs of mold (even if it’s not “black mold”), it may impact your immune system and lead to health issues. Don’t let this hidden toxin take control!


Would you try a MycoTOX test?

Let me know your thoughts and key takeaways in the comments below!


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Frequently Asked Questions - Mycotoxin Panel

Click on the below FAQs to learn more about: mold exposure, mycotoxin exposure, mold toxicity, health effects, urine samples, environmental mold, and health problems.

On average, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to get your mycotoxin test results back. Sometimes it can take up to 4 to 5 weeks.

The price of the test varies depending on where you purchase it, but it’s typically between $310-$499.

To order the MycoTOX test, you typically need to work with a naturopathic doctor, or order through one online.

Mold test kits use may offer some insights into potential toxic mold exposure, but their reliability and effectiveness can vary. These kits may detect certain markers or metabolites associated with mold exposure, but insights are not always 100% accurate. It’s important to work with a doctor.

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