3 Causes of Dandruff

The dreaded “D” word… dandruff! It’s a tricky condition that’s oftentimes difficult to treat.

It can be uncomfortable, frustrating, and even embarrassing! Here are 3 causes:



Dry Air Some people only experience a flaky, itchy scalp only during the colder months. This can oftentimes go away on its own during the warmer seasons.



Yeast or Fungal Overgrowth Fungal overgrowth, like from Malassezia or Candida, can feed off the oils (or sebum) on your scalp. These are yeast-like fungi that love humid, moist environments.



Chronic Illness or  Medical Conditions Those with chronic illnesses, gut health imbalances, poor circulation, nervous system conditions, or compromised immune systems are at a higher risk.

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